Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yiu-Shern - 7 months

1 Feb 2010

Yiu-Shern's 7 months Milestone

Play Time
Remember the fun balls that hubby bought for Shern during my birthday? Well, the picture above shows a happy Shern playing with it. But does he really likes it?
He likes these fun, colourful balls. But because they are round and kinda smooth, he cannot sink his teeth onto them. They keep sliding off his teeth. So sometimes, he feels kinda frustrated because he cannot bite onto the balls. Hahaha

And because Shern is learning to sit now, he has more things to play. He is now playing the Kick 'N Whirl Carnival in the sitting position that I bought secondhand not so long ago. He likes the voice activated mode.

20 January 2010 - Fisher Price Kick N Whirl Carnival

But I find that he likes his Vtech walker more. I am so glad my ex-IDT colleagues bought it for him. More buttons to push, twirl and he absolutely loves the green telephone that comes with it. Look at him holding it with his right hand?

20 January 2010 - Vtech First Year Baby Walker

This is the second time we took Shern to see Dr. Chiah in GMC.
It was almost an hour's wait this time. Shern was getting restless and even hubby got irritated by the wait. It seemed like every other kids in the waiting area has been called in but not us. In the end, I asked the nurse why are we waiting for so long. Then she checked and said that the downstairs front office was late in registering for us.

When we were called into the room next, hubby was already complaining to Dr. Chiah regarding the long wait. Dr. Chiah gave a call downstairs and told them '...the father is not happy..'. Hehe.

After that, Shern was given his 1st Pneumococcal jab. As this jab is well known for the sting, I expected Shern to cry louder or maybe even longer. To my surprise, he just gave a 5 seconds wail when the medicine was injected in and that was all. I'm so proud of him.

Anyway, all is well with Shern. He is growing well and everything seems fine.

Shern's growth measurement:
Age - 7 months @ 7 Jan 2010
Weight - 8.50 kg
Length/Height - 69 cm
Head Circumference - 44cm

This time around, Shern gained 1/2 a kg but his length and head cir. remains the same. It's alright, everything is within the normal frame.

Although Dr. Chiah told me that the percentage of babies getting a fever after this jab is high: 1/10, Shern was perfectly fine. No fever at all. *mummy beams*

Mummy's Eyes and Daddy's Everything Else?
Almost everyone that sees Shern comment that "...he looks like daddy but he has mummy's eyes..."

Is it true?

31 January 2010 - Shern with Daddy

12 January - Shern with Mummy

Manja-ing with Ah-Kong & Ah-Ma
Shern no longer has Strangers Anxiety problem with his Ah-Kong & Ah-Ma. He doesn't mind them carrying him and even plays and baby talk with them.

This has made me happier because at least now I get to eat in peace whenever I go back to MIL's house because Shern now allows MIL to carry him while I eat.

19 January - Shern with Ah-Kong

27 January - Shern with Ah-Ma

Bath Time is Fun Time
Shern still loves bath time. He now has a new toy in his bath tub. A yellow, ducky, cloth sponge. Min-yee gave it to him because she says he will love it more than her.

4 Feb 2010 - Shern with his new bath toy

25 January 2010

However happy he is in the bath tub, the moment u carry him out and lay him down on the bed, he will start to protest and cry. He simply hates lying down and thus changing him is always such a battle. Sigh.

Peaceful Afternoon Naps due to Cloth Diapers
As I am currently slowly converting Shern from lampin to cloth diapers, Shern now has more uninterrupted sleep as he wont wet the bed and wakes up.

30 January 2010 - Shern taking an afternoon nap on his bouncer

Babies Have Got Short Hands?

Min just told me something I did not notice earlier. She said babies' hands are so short compared to adults.
I mean, lift your hands high up in the air and most probably they will be twice as long as your head's length.
But look at Shern's hands. His hands only reaches slightly over his head. Hehe....are all babies' hands this short or only Sihern's? Or is Shern's head too big? :)

17 January - Simple Simon says 'Lift Your Hands In The Air'

Shern Joins In The Search Of A New Fridge

Mum's fridge broke down. So off we went to SenQ to buy a new one. Guess what? Shern joins in too. So now mum's new fridge has gone through Shern's approval as well before it is standing there in the kitchen. *grin

9 January 2010 - Shern and Kong-kong in SenQ

Quick Dip in the Swimming Pool

Our new place's swimming pool is always very cold towards the year-end because the sun never reaches it every single day.
One hot day, all of us were sweating at home and we longed for a swim. We thought that the water should not be that cold. So 3 of us changed into our bathing suits for a swim.
But the water is still icy cold. We were there just long enough to take 2 pics. And off we came up again. Too cold even for us, and I don't want any of us catching a cold. Least of all Shern. Surprisingly, Shern did not protest even when we put him in the water. He likes cold water, huh?

10 January 2010

Shern's Priceless Facial Expressions
Look at Shern's facial expressions. They are priceless! ;D
22 January 2010 - Shern with mummy and Min-yee

Shern's Poses
To end this pose, let's see Shern's poses on his 7th month of life.

6 January, 19 January, 20 January & 21 January 2010

How Is Mummy Doing?

I have mucousy clear discharge lately. Before this I was quite dry. Hmm....I wonder what is happening to my hormones?


Shurainian said...

hehe at last got updates!! i checked every single day... and luckily this post is quite long.. made up for all the quiet days hehe.
Shern Shern so cute!!! Full of smileys!! I'm gonna ask Ian to look at it later!

tanshuyin said...

yes. such a long post that is y it took me so long to update this post.
when shern is in his angelic mood, he will smiles a lot. but when he is not in the mood, he will SCREAM and CRY in his PITIFUL face....blueks

Soo Huey said...

hey, shern so much bigger boy d these days! looks so healthy n happy. congrats! :)

tanshuyin said... that u r in Aus dee...i miss u la. hehe
yes, shern is a big boy now.