Sunday, February 28, 2010

A CNY Visit Not To Be Missed - Ah Hoe Chek & Ah Ee

I always try my very best to visit my former school bus C21 Ah Hoe Cek and Ah Ee during CNY. Last year when I went visiting them, I was pregnant. This time around, I brought Shern with me.

We went there on the 2nd day of CNY. As usual, they greeted us with such warmth.

This year, they are grandparents themselves. They now have a granddaughter and also a grandson. So their place is also full with playpen, toys, etc. Shern is of course delighted when he saw all the toys.

Not surprisingly, you can see that obviously that Ah Hoe Chek loves children (this explains why he is a school bus driver). He is playing and carrying Shern the whole time there.

Ah Hoe Chek playing with Shern

Ah Ee is no longer driving her mini school bus. She is now promoted to grandma and thus is taking care of her 2 mth old grandson.
It is always good to see them still healthy and happy. Next year, I will bring hubby with me to visit them so that hubby will know who drove me to school since I was a little girl of five.

A photo with them before we left the place.

me, Ah Ee, Shern, Ah Hoe Chek

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