Monday, March 23, 2009

After 10 years

I met up with 2 of my juniors in CPT after 10 years. I'd bumped into Beng Gaik twice I think somewhere in Penang but I have not seen Rina since I left high school!

Beng Gaik looks the same. She have not changed even a teeny bit. Her youth is damn well maintained let me tell u. As for Rina...she is so much prettier. I don't know which part of her changed but she looks prettier than I remembered! Haha.

We met at Fettes Park Western Food at 6pm last Friday. And we ate and talked and talked until 9pm! 3 hours of catching up after 10 years is definitely not enough! But we had such a good time laughing and reminiscing about 'those were the days'.

We will definitely meet up again soon I hope (and not 10 yrs later)!

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