Saturday, March 14, 2009


I can't help but to post another post on Peter's favourite breakfast: Shu-Yin's Omelette!

It is called Shu-Yin's Omelette because no one else can make it the same as mine - because I cook it with my love as Peter put it! Haha.

This time around, I chopped in some diced tomatoes. Basically, I just put in anything that I have in the fridge. But I always put in shredded imitation crab meat. And I like to put in tomatoes and spring onions to make the flavour more intense!

Ingredients: Shredded imitation crab meat, cheese cocktail sausages, diced tomatoes and chopped spring onions.

Throw in the ingredients when the egg base is formed but top is still half watery.

Halve the omelette in the pan. Flip it over after a while to get the top part nicely cooked as well.

Serve it HOT and with a slice of wholemeal bread if you want a wholesome meal.

Serve it with a cup of fresh orange or a glass of cold milk...yummy!

Try it yourself. It is easy to make and also very delicious if you are an egg-person, that's it!