Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vaginal Birth via Epidural or Ala Naturale

I'm definitely going to try for vaginal birth if everything goes smoothly and if doc give me the green light. However, I still have the option to choose whether do I want painkillers to assist me during labour and delivery.

Well, of course if I can bear it throughout, I would definitely want to bear the pain and go all natural. The question is the big IF. IF I can bear it.

If I reject the epidural initially and when the pain gets unbearable, it will be too late to take the epidural jab by then because it needs time for the epidural to take effect. And if worse comes worse, I somehow have too much pain and have no more energy to push, caesarian would then by the next process...which is something I want to avoid!

On another note, although I read in all pregnancy books that epidural are relatively safe (of coz with some risks), but I heard friends who tell me that they have some side effects. I wonder if it is true.

My mum of course is all pro for me to go ala-naturale all the way. She even discourage me to take any form of painkillers. She says so with a point. She went through 3 successful deliveries via ala naturale.

But I do not want her to make me do something I am not comfortable with. I want to be able to have the options to choose what makes me feel the most comfortable.


blubbieMs said...

well, let me ask u a question. Are you able to stand those type of stomachache that churns your tummy so bad that you know you have to rush to toilet immediately or u will just shit in your pants that instant? If you are able to stand that, then you don't need the painkillers. These pain will come every like two seconds instead of minutes, let me remind you.. I have got some friends who just went through the birth without painkillers, and as for me, epidural sure helped made mine a easy birth delivery and a fun one too! =)

Tan Shu-Yin said...

hmm....i guess i can stand that pain. but i thought that pain is gonna be more painful X10000 times compared to normal stomachache!

blubbieMs said...

Urm.. that I aint sure coz when those contractions of mine came and was one of the first few ones, I immediately asked for epidural. I don't have a high threshold for pain. hee hee hee.. =)You can always try without it first.. but make sure its not like when you are 2-4cm dilated then only ask for it la, that time the doc will prolly ask u to push already!

Tan Shu-Yin said...

emily...damn..so fast need to make decision dee? 2-4cm need to push dee? sigh....life is full of difficult decision-making!