Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guilty Indulgence

I have this confession to make: I CRAVE for Continental Instant Pasta!

I used to buy and cook it back when I was in Melbourne. Since then, I haven't tasted it because they are nowhere to be found in Penang. There is simply no this brand of instant pasta sold in any supermarkets/hypermarkets in Penang. And I only like this Continental brand!

So when Ee Lyn went to Melb, I asked her to help me buy back 2 packets. And when Bee Shin is back, I also asked her to help me buy. Wang Wei also sent some back for me! Damn sayang all of them.

But the thing is....this instant pasta is very unhealthy. It is full of MSG I think...hehe! It is the same as eating instant noodle!

But who can resist such delicious, mouth-watering pasta?

Continental Creamy Bacon Carbonara

Top it with toasted Garlic Bread and wow....orgasmic! :P


Anonymous said...

reminds me of the Burwood days.

tanshuyin said...

yeayea..i damn miss makan this pasta in McIntyre St.