Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fruits Freaks

Peter asked Justin's grandfather who is still very healthy although he is already an octogenarian ,the secret to his health. He told him that he eats a 3-4 types of different fruits every meal.

So when Peter came back, he told me he wants to eat lotsa fruits everyday. So me being a good wife went to the market, hypermarket, pasar malam in search of fresh fruits of different varieties.

Hey, fruits are not cheap ok? And I also don't really know how to choose sweet and nice fruits.
I still get sour mangoes, and no-taste honeydews at times. ;P

Look at some of the fruits we eat almost daily.

apples, oranges, peaches and green grapes

mangoes, red grapes, kiwi

starfruits, mandarin, pears and kiwi

oranges, pears and starfruits

watermelon, red grapes, oranges and ciku

mangoes, peaches, mandarin and ciku

Oh ya...Peter's favourite is watermelon and pomelo. Tesco sells cheap watermelon at about rm1/kg and just simple ee-nee-mee-nee-ma-nee-mo, the watermelon usually turns out quite sweet!
Peter doesn't like bananas and ciku. And he is not fond of peaches too.
So I have to finish all of them.
Peter is not picky on food (savoury) but he is damn picky on fruits!!!!


blubbieMs said...

Hmm.. no papayas for you guys?

Anonymous said...

wat's an octogenerian

tanshuyin said...

emily..papayas. dunno who asks me not to eat papayas coz baby can get jaundice wor. so seldom buy.

anonymous..sorry. shd be octogenArian. means someone in his/her eighties.

Anonymous said...

thank you...i learned a new word today :)

blubbieMs said...

aahhh babies will come out with jaundice wan no matter what. Just that it would either be a mild case or you need the ultraviolet light. Mine had a mild case but took almost a month or two to go off on its own. Better not eat then.. better avoid since told already anyway. =) But trust me, eat la lots of fish and fish oil.. good for baby's brain development!!! SERIOUS!!! =)

Huey said...

Duh. Crazy. I seldom eat fruits nowadays. Which reminds me, I should eat more perhaps from tomorrow onwards. :D

tanshuyin said...

emily...i basically hates fish except for canned tuna and raw salmon. since i cant take raw salmon now...i seldom eat fish.
as for fish oil...well i eat those as prescribed by my gynae only. not enough?