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Family Photoshoot When Vern Turned One & KStudio's Mother's Day Promo Code!

Vern @ 1yo - June 2016

These photos were taken when Vern turned One, and that was 9 months ago, omgosh! 
How time flies!

Let's start with the star of the photoshoot - Vern.

At 1yo, he already knew how to walk, and that was how we had a difficult time to make him stay still enough for the photoshoot. Look at how happy he was walking towards us. 
See, he did not even attempt to crawl towards us, but he walked! See how confident he was then?

Karen captured some amazing shots of him all by himself, smiling in glee!


And right at the end of the session, Karen took out a cake for a cake smash session. 

The brothers took a photo together before the mess.  

Look at his chubby body and tham chiak face.  

And it was all a buttery sweet mess! haha. 

Next photos were Vern with mummy.
This is my favourite photo of just 2 of us! Love his grin here!

And this photo reminded me how he had "no-neck" then. Very cute phase indeed!

Then it was Vern with Daddy!
Lovely capture indeed their smiles. 

 Vern with both of us. 

Love this photo where we each planted a kiss on his cheek and he was smiling happily! 

How come all the photos Karen took of us are sooo nice hahaha. 

Now let's shift the attention to my eldest boy for a few of his individual portrait.
This is when Shern just turned 7.
Look at my handsome boy.   

One thing I like about Karen is how she can capture them when they are so "them", if you know what I mean. I see this photo and I will go like "oh, this is sooo Yiu-Shern!" 

Like this one, this is how Khye smiles when he is happy. 
Super wide smile with his eyes all lighted up!

Love these poses of Khye, my favourite. 
The way he sat, the way he smiles for the camera. My middle child, my loving happy child! 

Another favourite is how Karen captured the sibling love of my 2 elder kids. 
Yes, they fought, they argue. But they play and love each other a lot too.
They are each other's best friends. 


I also can see that this is a ticklish smile from Shern because Khye placed his hand on his shoulder, near to his neck. Yes, Shern is a very ticklish boy and hence this ticklish giggle!

This photoshoot was taken when Shern just turned 7 and Khye was not yet 4 because his birthday is in September. So 7 and 3. 

And now some photos of my 3 lovely sons together. 
Totally not easy to get all 3 to sit together, especially Vern! But I am glad she managed to steal some shots!
Love how Khye was smiling all the way, and Shern was trying to 'catch' baby Vern. Haha.

And here they are, my 4 boyfriends.
I am so blessed to be blessed with these 4 men in my life. 
They are my everything! So love these precious photos. 

And lastly, our family photoshoot. 

I am always grateful for the beautiful photos and moments captured by Karen. 
They are beautiful and really capture the essence of what is important!
All these moments of them growing up in just a fleeting moment and in a flash, they are no longer how they used to be. Glad these moments are being captured by a professional where I too get to be in the photos. ;)

For those of you looking to have some family photos captured professionally, I totally recommend Karen Sim from The K Studio
Besides being really good with kids and babies, she is a very talented photographer. 
And she has her own studio which is perfect for families with young kids where the hot and humid outdoor is not so suitable yet for photo shoot. haha. 

To view more of her work, please click on The K Studio Facebook page, or click below to view our previous photoshoots with her since 2012 until now:-


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Photo Credits - Karen Sim from The K Studio

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this Photoshoot Package with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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