Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Khye Getting Really Good at Math @ 4 1/2 yo

Khye @ 4 1/2yo - 5 April 2017

Now, besides the fact that Khye can ready pretty well for his age, and the fact that he could also recite the alphabet backwards fluently, and that he is the Chinese whiz in our family, let's add another milestone for my little nerdy boy.

My boy can now do math addition pretty good.
I gave him some addition math problems just offhand and he could answer them pretty well.

I started off with giving him simple ones like
12 + 3
17 + 4

Then I moved on to a bigger number and adding a small number.
67 + 5

Then I gave him a smaller number to add to a bigger number,
5 + 56
and he knows how to get the answer by flipping the question around to 56 + 5 so that he could count them. I am amazed by his logic.

And lastly I gave him a number to see if he knows above 100, and he could do it too!

And this nerdy boy likes to do Sudoku too with Ah-Kong.
Of course he still can't do the whole Sudoku puzzle all by himself. He would still need guidance from Ah Kong.
Their conversation would go like this:-

Ah-Kong: What are the numbers missing in this square?
Khye: 4 and 6
Ah-Kong: So where to put number 4 and where to put number 6?
Khye: 4 is here and 6 is here.
Ah-Kong: Why is this so?
Khye: Because..... (and he would tell Ah-Kong why!)

I am glad my little boy has such a joy of learning.
Because of his positive attitude, he takes joy in learning everything and I am very proud of him!

He went for a trial math class the other day and did relatively well for a class way above his age. But then both hubby and I decided not to enroll him there yet, simply because we felt that he is only 4yo and he should basically do less academic stuff and just enjoy his free time.

But then just 2 days ago, out of the blue while we were all in the car, he told us,
"I wish I get to go to many classes just like Yiu-Shern koko. Piano class, chinese class and swimming class, and math class etc."
Hmmmm...not sure if he really want to go or just wants to follow his brother. So what he said had me and hubby thinking hard and in a dilemma now. haha.

Maybe we enrol him for a sem and see how? Should we? Should we not?
Sigh......not easy being parents, huh?

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