Monday, August 3, 2015

Yiu-Khye Singing Nursery Rhymes - 2 Years 11 Mths

Although Khye was a late talker and only talked at about 25 mths, as mentioned, he has improved tremendously in his speech, with him repeating words after me at 25 mths, cheekily calling me 'money' instead of mummy, and knowing and reading numbers at 2 yrs 3 mth, and then recognizing the alphabet one month later, and also lately learning to spell his name
(although his pronunciation is not that clear yet).

Lately, Khye has been quite a singer. He hums and sings the whole day long, in the house, in the car and even when going out.
He now can sing most of the nursery rhymes/children songs that he learned from the CDs while listening to them in the car.

Ok, let's hear Khye sing some of the songs!

I hope you know what he is singing.
His pronunciation is not that clear yet, even we sometimes have trouble understanding him.

But is is such a joy to hear him singing in the house.
Thank you Khye for bringing youe unique music into our home. ;)

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