Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Man Vern's Fullmoon

Vern's Fullmoon Party - 15 August 2015

We celebrated Vern's fullmoon last Sunday 16 August 2015.

It was a very small celebration, just us family, and my parents-in-laws, and also both my uncle's family. That was all.

Initially I did not want to do any deco since I was not really inviting any friends or so, but then in the end, I couldn't do it. The OCD-ness in me started to stay up when my kids slept and started work for 2 hours until past midnight just the day before the party. 
Yes, madness me!

In the end, I managed to do an easy Little Man/Moustache theme. I ended up with a little bunting, a cake topper and some toppers for my food. 
That was all! Not bad for 2 hours of work though! 

The simple bunting I did for the mini party. 

The cake topper for the simple chocolate cake we got at the last minute. 

This is how the whole table looks like, filled with sweet desserts and savoury food. 

The customary nasi kunyit, ang ku kuih, and the delicious curry chicken and super delicious glutinous rice!

Other food which I had. 
The must-have red eggs, the eggs and sardine sandwiches for the kids, the prune layer cake from Sunflower, and some Konyaku jellies. 


And some fruits.

We sent out some fullmoon packages out to our neighbours and friends who stayed nearby. The rest, we are giving out vouchers.

Neighbour's daughter came to visit and Khye and her had a game of foosball together. lol. 

Another neighbour came and his son who is not even 2 was such a good koko to baby Vern!
Photo stolen from Swen Lin's fb :P

Love this photo of hubby and the 2 older kids. 

Photos of our little family of 5!

Us with hubby's parents.

And us with my parents.

Adding in my sis Min and Ah-yee.

3 kaufu and family and 4 kaufu and family joined in.

And coincidentally, that day was also my beloved Dad & Mum's 35th Anniversary! 
To be married and in love for 35 years, wow!!!

And this is the Little Man of the Party.
Yes, he was sleeping away! haha.

He was happily sleeping away throughout the party. 

Min-yee and Me carried Vern out of his rocker, and truthfully he wasn't too happy about it. 

To be in tuned with the Party theme, we all put on our moustaches!
This one's on our little family of 5! 

And another one for everyone there (except PIL who went back early)! 

That sums up the celebration of Vern's fullmoon.

Time really flies. My littlest baby is now 1 month old. And I still cannot imagine I now have 3 kids. Haha. 

Click to view Shern's fullmoon and Khye's fullmoon

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