Friday, January 9, 2015

Khye On His Name and Age / Khye Knows His Numbers - 2 Yrs 3 Mths

So sorry, for the lack of updates in my blog recently.
In fact, I've many blog posts typed out halfway in drafts and couldn't finish them as you know I am rather long-winded in my writing.
Our recent family trip to Langkawi has been in draft form for weeks and I still haven't finished with it. Blame it on myself as I'd been fallen asleep the same time as Khye lately.

But here I am posting a short little update on Khye's Milestones.
As you know, Khye is a late-talker and finally only opened his mouth after he turned 2.

This short little clip is dedicate to Kong-kong as he was the one who taught Khye on how to say these 2 sentences.

Ok, I think maybe only those in my family can understand Khye. Those of you watching this video might still be wondering what on earth is Khye mumbling about. lol.

Me: What is your name?
Khye: My name is Lim Yiu-Khye!

Me: How Old Are You?
Khye: I am 2 years...old!


And since we are on the roll on Khye's talking milestone, here is another video of Khye. About a month or two ago, we realized that Khye knows his numbers!

We didn't really drill this into him. I found a box of magnetic numbers and alphabets (given by my SIL) and stuck them on our fridge and briefly just showed Khye number 1 to 10.
And to our surprise, he could recognizes and reads the numbers!

He then started reading the numbers on billboards and lifts and even car number plates!
Wow, my baby is a genius or what! hahahaha.

I'm sure many kids knows this way earlier than Khye, but for someone who doesn't talk until he turned 2, and the fact that we didn't teach this to him directly.....blew me away that my baby is so clever! hahahaha. #Iambiased.

So here is a short video clip of him reading numbers.
But he pronounces '1' and '7' wrongly, saying '1' as 'mam' and '7' as 'bebeh', consistently. Don't ask me why. Just take it as genius baby at work. lol.

And that is all for now.
'Til the next post.

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