Friday, August 21, 2015

Kid's Art & Craft: Thomas and Percy Engines

11 Aug 2015 - Thomas & Percy Engines

It was art and craft time for Shern a week or so ago.
We got this Thomas & Friends Make & Do Book from Popular book fair quite awhile ago.

It's quite a fun book with instructions on how to build the characters of Thomas & Friends, which both my boys love.
In the book, they provide a scissors (a useless scissors!), some coloured pens, some googly eyes and some stickers (more stickers inside the book as well).

We then decided to build Thomas and Percy.
Thomas for Shern, and we decided to build Percy for Khye as well.
They were almost similar in terms of materials but we made do with what we had.

It was during my confinement month then, and my sister was staying over at some days, so she was helping out gladly with Shern, while I prepared all the materials needed.
Excited Shern eager to start the art and craft session. Khye was not around that day, so it was just Shern.

We did some modification from the book's instructions. Decided to wrap the boxes up instead of painting it so it would be less messy. Furthermore, I had some leftover blue and green colour papers from my Lego-themed party, so it was just perfect!

Shern and Min-yee hard at work, and Shern's cheeky face as he was busy drawing the windows with Sharpie.

Some photos of the work-in-progress. 

And about an hour later, it was almost done while waiting for the paint to dry. 
Yes, we ended up painting black on the funnels and the front of the engine's tube. 
After the paint dried, they stuck on the wheels and it was all done. 

And this is how Thomas looks like once done!
Thomas, the #1 cheeky little engine who is most little boy's favourite engine! 

And this is Percy, the #6 engine on the Island of Sodor!

Shern with the 2 little engines. 

Shern with his beloved Min-yee, who was absolutely helpful in this art and craft session. :)

The photo Min-yee posted on fb. haha. 

And when Khye came back he was happy to get Percy to choo-choo and chugga-chugga around the house!

Ok, so time to make your own Thomas & Percy at home!
It is easy, all you need are some 2 mini cereal boxes, some toilet paper rolls, a straw, used bottle caps and a 'lil cotton wool.
As for the engines' faces, print off the internet and stick on it! Get creative!

I will try out the other characters in the book and will share with you all when I have the time.
Happy crafting with your kids!

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