Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yiu-Vern - Week 2

Lim Yiu-Vern @ 12 days old - 15 July 2015


After being admitted on Day 7 at 265, Vern's bilirubin level dropped to 179.6 and 135 where he was discharged on Day 9.
But on Day 10, his bilirubin level continued to climb to 170.
Went back to Dr Dan for checkup in which he was a little concerned because Vern's poo was still green-ish (and not golden yellow yet) and that was when I was given the task to take a photo of his poo every day! #lifeasamummy

On 26 July 2015 which was Day 13 and level continued to climb to 240. 

And the following day at Day 14, reading shot up to 312.5 at Island Hospital and that scared the hell out of us. 
Although both Shern and Khye had prolonged jaundice as well, they did not reach 300, so I was quite worried then. 
Dr. Dan also requested to do a blood test on Vern to test out the functions of his liver, thyroid etc as he was born a 3 weeks earlier, which was just 'ngam-ngam' full term.
Thank goodness results showed everything normal but he still needed to go under photo treatment as his level was too high.
So poor Vern was admitted again in the evening at about 4pm. (2nd admission due to jaundice)
His weight during admission was just 3kg. 

Following 2 days under photo treatment, his bilirubin level came down to 243 and 164 when he was discharged at Day 16.

Of Poo-s and Pee-s

Vern pees and poos quite a lot, averaging at least 10 wet diapers a day. I know, coz he wears lampin during the day, and thus I could count the number of diapers he changes. 

His stools surprisingly did not turn golden yellow so fast. It was green-ish and then slowly turned into golden yellow in colour. 
And after admission for photo treatment, his poos turned into dark brown for a day or so before it turned golden yellow again.


Vern drinks reaonably well and surprisingly was not a piranha when it comes to sucking milk. He doesn't suckle too vigorously like both his brothers. 
But he does suckle well, so it was ok. Because he was not so vigorous, I did not have to deal with sore and cracked nipples as much as I did with Shern and Khye.

I did however religiously applied the nipple cream after every feed on the first few weeks, so maybe that helped too. 


Vern didn't really sleep through the night then, which I did not expect him to at 2wo. 
He woke up every 3 hourly after his last feed at about 10pm. But at about 4-5am, he would turn into a milk monster and started asking for milk every 1/2 hr to 1 hr. 
It was kinda exhausting doing that in the wee hours of every morning. 

I am thankful that I am a breastfeeding mum and would just need to pop my boobs into his mouth and he would be suckling happily away. And that I didn't have to get up to make milk for him. 


Vern and us had a photoshoot with Karen Sim from K Studio. The above photo is by Karen. More photos to be shared later. 

Oh ya, belly button dropped out at Day 13 on 26 July 2015. #jotdownforfuturereference

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