Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yiu-Khye - 18 Months

Khye @ 18 mo - 7 March 2014

It's time to do an update on the little man in the house.

Khye has just turned 18 months, and I simply cannot believe my baby is now no more a baby, and is in fact a 1 1/2 year old toddler. It's really unbelievable how time flies!


Khye dislike porridge now, and prefers rice. So I usually serve him fluffy rice with soup or sauce. He dislikes food that are too mushy and prefers food that has a bit of a bite now. So no more mashed food. Instead of mashing those carrots, I cut them into pieces.

He somehow dislike bread, which makes life kinda difficult for me, especially when we travel.
He eats them occasionally. But usually he would just spit them right out.

He can also eat small pieces of soft meat, such as tender chicken meat. And he loves satay, and could eat up 2 two stick of the chicken satay.

And thank goodness he loves fruits. He loves all kinds so far, except for kiwis.
He especially loves papayas and mangoes and watermelon. 

He has grown slimmer, but taller for the past few months. Totally expected as both my kids stopped growing sideways, but only lengthwise when they turned 1 year old.
So I was right to just absorbed and relished all his chubbiness when he was a baby! haha.

Walking To Running

From the last update at 15 months when he just started walking, Khye has grown quite a bit.
I can't believe that in a mere 2 months or so, he graduated from walking to running. Albeit still running like a funny penguin with arms flapping. But he is so cute when he runs. And he is quite steady actually.


Yes, he is still an exclusively breastfed baby. I weaned Shern off breastmilk when he turned 18 months, and it was easy because Shern takes the bottle.
But for Khye, he hates the bottle, and I don't really know how to wean him off my breasts. I tried putting milk into his water bottle but he would just take a sip or two and then goes off to play. He treated it as drinking water, so he didn't drink the whole thing at one go.

But I think the real reason is that I am still not prepared to let go. hahaha. So is mummy issue, not baby.
But I have a planned overseas trip in June and will be gone for 40 days, so I think that would be the time I would be weaning Khye off. Well, until then, 1 more month to go from now.

On Sharing

Khye is now learning to fight for his own rights. lol.
Yes, no more letting his brother bully him. He would make noise if Shern sits on his bouncer or his Bumbo Seat, claiming that those are his.
And especially when Shern sits on my lap, he would want to push his brother away because he claims his mummy to be his;.

But other than that, he would be alright and wouldn't mind sharing most of the toys and such.
He is overall an easy-going child, and so it is easy for him to share and be happy (well, at least for now!)


Khye is now mini-Shern. I say that because he imitates his brother so much.
Everything the brother does, he wants to do too.
If the brother touches something, he would go there and touch it too. If the brother does a somersault, he would try to do a somersault too!
Is nice when you see both of them play together, and Shern being happy to be the leader.
But there are times when Shern got frustrated because Khye wanted to follow him everywhere! Haha.


Khye is still not talking yet, except for a few words such as 'mum mum', 'mama' and 'papa', and the occasional 'yee-yee'. But that doesn't stop him from pointing to things and yakking baby talk to tell us what he wants.

He is also a vehicles-freak like his brother was at this age. So whenever he sees a bus, or a truck or a motorcycle, he would point to that and said 'ahh ahh ahhh' until we said the correct vehicle, like 'yes, that's a bus'. So it was quite troublesome whenever he sits in his carseat behind and I'm the driver, as I can't see what he is pointing at and he kept on yakking 'ahh ahh ahh' until I said the correct vehicle.

But he knows and understands what we say.
Like we asked him where is mummy or daddy, or pho-pho, he can point out to us.
And when we asked him if he wants some water or food, he would shake his head no if he doesn't want them.
He can also put back his toys when we asked him to, and usually will obliged.

Here is a short clip on my cutie pie on doing some of the actions, and saying the few words he knows.
Enjoy watching my cutie pie. 

So that is all for now until the next update. :)

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