Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 9

9 November 2012 - Week 9

Week 9 is from 9th - 15th November 2012.
It's the week where I brought Khye for his 2-month old check-up. And the week which I found out Khye weighs a hefty 6.1kg. Look at the top photo of Khye with his double-chin.

Khye's Measurement @ 2 months old

Weight: 6.1kg
Length/Height: 58.5cm
Head Circumference: 40cm

No wonder I felt that he is so heavy every time I carry him with my bare hands. Then I decided I need to get a baby carrier.

Putting Hands Into His Mouth

Khye found his hands and put them into his mouth starting this week. Most of the time is his right hand. So his mittens are now smeared with his saliva and need to be changed frequently.

Eyes Following Object Really Well

Khye's eyes are really following object really well. I am quite often the object. Look at his eyes following me although I am looking at him from atop, aerial view.

9 November 2012

And Khye now looks at his Freddie the Dragonfly every time we hang it in the stroller for him. He doesn't seem to get bored with it and could stare at it for a very long time.
I love Lamaze toys, both my sons always seem to be very fascinated by them.
9 November 2012

Khye is also very fascinated with his Ocean Wonders cot mobile. Look at his eyes following it, and him smiling at it.

10 November 2012

And Khye stares at me every time I am near, be it him lying on his cot, or even on his changing pad.

15 & 9 November 2012


I like to see Khye's face slowly lighted up whenever people talk to him.
Look at his smile in the sequence photos below....

From a slight smile.....
9 November 2012

to a wider smile...
9 November 2012

And a super wide smile....
9 November 2012


Since I am mostly at home, I do direct latching more in order for him not to forget how to latch on properly (since the paci incident that led to me having nipple cuts and tears).
He seems to be getting alright and latch on right away every time I put my breasts near to him.

Look at Khye smiling away knowing that milk-milk is on the way..:D
10 November 2012


Took a photo of both my boys one early morning. Khye was busy staring at his cot mobile and Shern was posing for my camera! :)
10 November 2012

Love this photo because Khye was smiling at his cot mobile, when Shern was smiling at my cam! Haha.
10 November 2012

Sleep Patterns

Khye sleeps in many ways.
Sometimes he sleeps straight like this.

Or sometimes like this....

Car Seat

Khye sleeps happily in his car seat most of the time.
But we haven't been doing long journey yet, so I don't know how he will fare. Furthest is from Tanjung Bungah to Greenlane area and he is alright.
Hopefully he sits there alright until he gets big, and not like his brother who started to hate his car seat once he reached 6 mo.
15 November 2012


This is Deepavali Week, so there were pretty Deepavali deco in the malls. Khye even took a photo with it. ;)
14 November 2012

Priceless Expressions

Look at Khye's expression being captured on camera. Priceless! ;P
12 November 2012


Angeline said...

You called Khye "Shern" a couple of times..heheh I do it with my girls too!

tanshuyin said...

haha..yes i did. i always do that too. thanks for pointing it out for me :)