Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Afternoon at Old Town

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. We got bored being at home for the weekend, so we went in search of comfort food. We went to Old Town @ Precinct 10.

Shern had his favourite Half-boiled Eggs. Hubby had the Ipoh Hor Fun. I ate the Springy Noodle with Chicken Sausage and Egg, which is actually instant noodles with extra 'liow'. Min said it's the expensive instant noodles. Haha.
Anyway, that was comfort food to me that day. Springy noodles in hot ajinomoto soup...yummy. :)

While waiting for our food to arrive, we took some photos. Funny photos of us.
Shern was in a cheeky mood, so let me show you the cheeky side of him.

Some photos were a bit blur coz it was taken using Min's lousy iPhone4. :D

24 November 2012

Our puffed-up fatty faces.
Spot my double-chin. omg.

My tweety-bird mouth, and Shern's puffed-up mouth.

 I dunno what pose we were doing here. No-talking poses. Haha.

Shern couldn't stop doing his puffed-up mouth pose.
Somehow, to me, this photo shows how small-sized Shern is.
You all think so?

Hubby joined in the photo.

That was Shern putting his whole weight on me.

Ok. let's not forget the little-est man in the house. My cutie pie Khye.
He sat there quietly the whole time while we ate in peace. Sometimes we really forget he is even there.
So I am actually very blessed to have such a good little cutie pie who sleeps/lie down in his stroller quietly. :)

Ok, that's all for today from our family of 4. :)

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