Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Had a very nice Christmas Day with some friends and family.

On Christmas eve, I finally hung up the 2 stockings for Shern & Khye. I also stuffed into Shern's stocking some leftover sweets and chocs Shern received during the last birthday party he attended. Haha.

This is my 2 kiddos on Christmas morning.

This is Shern with his Christmas stocking. I told him Santa came last night when he was asleep and filled the stockings with some goodies. He was happy.

And guess what? Shern ate a Ferrero Rocher, 1 Mentos and a jelly for breakfast. And that is Christmas joy to my son! Haha.

As for Khye, I'm sure he doesn't know much about it being Christmas, but he is happy anyhow!

We then got prepared to meet the gang for Christmas Lunch at Kwong Sang House at Leith Street.
This is the group photo minus me & Khye.

And that is Khye sleeping peacefully on the stroller, next to my chair.

4 of the 5 kids there.

My Prawn Aglio Olio. Delicious really.

After lunch, the kids were playing together and running around at the place. The mummies were there keeping an eye on the kids....

While the dads were still sitting on the table yakking away...

After lunch, buckled Shern & Khye on their carseats...

And within a few minutes, both kiddos were fast asleep.

Fast forward to dinner time. This is mum and ah-yee's home cooked delicious Christmas Dinner spread! Loved the honey baked ham and the papaya, prawn n squid salad!

Pressies for the whole family.

Shern was so happy to receive the RM5 watercolour paint I got for him from Daiso. He was painting right away after he tore off the wrapping! Lol. 

A very good Christmas Day for us with delicious Christmas Lunch & Dinner.
Merry Christmas everyone!


Serenely said...

Hi Shu Yin... hope you and your family had a good Christmas. FYI you ended up as the winner of the B.U.R.P. Squad Kit! can you drop me a note to serenelymade[a]gmail[dot]com with your address as soon as you can?

tanshuyin said...

Hie Serene,
I was so happy n immediately sent you the email on the same day you announced it in your blog. Did you not receive my email?