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Khye: Labour and Delivery

Ok, let me jot down my labour and delivery experience of baby Khye before I forget them.
It has been more than 2 months and I am still drafting this long-winded post. (You have been warned)
Well, here goes...

I was dilated 2.5cm and doc said I could deliver anytime, and that was since 29 August 2012, when my due date was actually on 18th September 2012. But during these 3 weeks, nothing happened. I waited and waited but nothing happened. No spotting, my water bag didn't break, and no contractions.

And in the end, it was the piles/hemorrhoids that made me couldn't stand waiting anymore. My piles/hemorrhoids developed and got worse during this pregnancy. But on the last week, it has gotten much much worse. I couldn't sit or walk or even sleep properly. I called my gynae on 13 Sep 2012 Thursday night to tell him I wanted to be induce the following day. I couldn't even wait another 4 more days.

I admitted at Island Hospital at about 7.40am and had to wait for awhile while they arrange a labour room for me. I was told that the labour rooms and wards were all full, and there were about 20 babies in the nursery. I remembered thinking 'Great, dragon kids year, long waiting queue everywhere!'

Checking into the labour ward

Once labour room was ready, the nurses prepped me. Dr. Eric came in about 8.15am and after awhile broke my water bag. I could feel warm water trickled down slowly. I guess baby's head was blocking the passageway, thus the slow trickle. And then they started on a small dose of Pitocin to induce me.

Not too long later, contraction started. It was short contractions at about 5 minutes interval or so, and very quickly the contraction accelerated to very long and painful. The nurses there exclaimed that I had very 'good contractions'. I guess they called it 'good' because it was painful and lasted quite long for each contractions. Each contraction lasted about a minute. It was crazy.

I winced every time I felt a contraction. And every time I winced, I somehow agitated my piles/hemorrhoids. I could feel the pain of my piles as much as the contractions, it was awful. The nurses there told me not to wince, and just breathe. How could I, when both were so painful? No matter how hard I tried not to wince, my whole body tensed up and winced by itself!

The piles were making it much worse to bear, compared to Shern's time. I couldn't move or sit/lie properly, if not I could agitate the piles. My piles were about the size of a small egg. Yes, it was that big!!!! And worst thing is that they were raw! So you can imagine my pain. Doctor did told me earlier that when I pushed, the piles would get even bigger, and when baby is out, it would pushed the piles, and it might be very painful, and I had to be prepared.

By 11am, I could bear it no longer and I told hubby I wanted epidural. It was not the contraction, it was more of the pain of my piles. Gosh! It took the anesthesiologist 1/2 hour to arrive at my room. During that time, how I wished I had called for epidural 1/2 earlier. ;P

Anyway, Dr. Lee came in and started asking me if I understood what I was getting myself into. And I told him I knew as I went to pre-natal classes during Shern's time. But I asked him about the backache side-effects again. He told me that these were not scientifically proven. And people associated backaches with epidural because of a physical needle being poked into their backs. But basically the backaches that most woman faces are due to carrying the baby for 9 months.

I believed him because I had mild backaches after delivering Shern and I didn't even use epidural that time. And with Khye being such a big baby, I'm sure my posture during pregnant weren't perfect and any backaches won't be because of the epi.

After signing the papers, Dr. Lee started preparing me. A very large needle was poked into the epidural space behind my back. Not much pain, just like an ant bite. The needle was then replaced with a tube. No pain for that. And when the medicine drip was turned on, I could feel a tingling coolness behind my back. And that's all. But I could still feel the very much contraction pain. Uh oh.

Dr. Lee said it would take about 15 minutes for the meds to work. 15 minutes later, the pain got better but I could still feel the contraction, but less intense. Good. This means I could feel and push better.

After epi

At about 12.45 noon, I was fully dilated and the machine said my contractions were very good. They lasted about a minute or so. I think that's really crazy. But with epi my pain was very low, so I felt good and was so ready to push.

I started pushing at 1pm somthing and it was crazy. I pushed and pushed and pushed but baby Khye is not coming out. I pushed so hard 'til I was sweating in the air-cond labor room, and tears were also out, but baby Khye just moved down a little. I think I tried for a good 45 minutes, until Dr. Eric says that's all, we need to proceed for c-sec because baby Khye's heartbeat dropped indicating that the baby was in distress.
I was disappointed. There goes my VBAC dream. But what to do, my baby won't come out and his heartbeat dropped so I could try no further.

So I was wheeled to the Operating Theatre and they prepped me immediately.
The anesthesiologist there upped my epi meds for me to feel all numbed below my spinal, but then I told them I could still felt him when Dr. Eric tried pinching my stomach.
And because it was quite an emergency, they couldn't wait any longer, so they gave me general anaesthesia and I blacked out quite immediately.

By the time I woke up it was almost 3pm and I was already resting in the OT resting area. I asked about my baby immediately. They told me he is a boy and he weighs 3.99kg. I was like...'wow...3.99? That's almost 4kg'. They then wheeled me to my room.

Then they wheeled my baby over to me and let me to have a look at him and also for breastfeeding before they bathed him. He looks so lovely.

Baby Khye before bath

I immediately breastfed baby Khye and he was latching quite well.
Then my family came in, together with Shern.

Then Dr. Eric came in and told me that during the c-sec, he saw that near my bladder, there were a lot of scarring. He was concerned so he called the Urologist Dr. Sritharan to have a look at it. Lucky for me it was nothing. Phew.
Dr. Eric then told me that those scarring might be blocking the passageway when I tried pushing my baby out. Furthermore, my baby is a big baby. Oh yes, he is...at almost 4kg big!
He told me not to worry as he removed those scarring before sewing me up.

We then had some photos taken right there and then.
4 of us

They then took baby Khye out to bathe and to clean him up. Then they brought baby Khye back to me ;)

Khye after bath

So this is the story of how Khye came into this world.
The story of a new beginning of a family of 4.

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