Friday, November 16, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 8

8 November 2012 - Week 8


End of Week 8, I saw light at the dark tunnel. There was a glimmer of hope as my old cuts on my nipples began healing and there were no new cuts! Yay!
Khye was beginning to learn how to latch properly most of the time. So removing the pacifier was the solution to my problem.

So what does this mean?
I means that I would have pain-free breastfeeding time again in due course. It means that I don't have to be stuck with Khye again 24/7. It means that I could leave Khye to mum for awhile while I go out as I could express milk and not depend entirely on Khye to suckle when it gets full. This means freedom! ;D


As you can see, Khye is smiling more and more often now.
He sometimes gives us this this kinda-smile.....
3 & 8 November 2012

Or this demure smile..... 
4 November 2012

Or this wider smile...
7 November 2012

Or this priceless wide, happy smile!
8 November 2012


I love watching him sleep.
And when he sleeps, he looks so peaceful. This is why I have so many photos of my babies sleeping.

3 & 5 November 2012

4 & 5 November 2012

Visual Stimulation

Khye likes his Lamaze playmat, and the Ocean Wonders musical cot mobile, as it provides him with the visual stimulation. He could sit there quietly watching the hanging toys for up to 30 minutes.
This is especially helpful where I can use this time to prepare my older kid, or to do some house chores.
4 November 2012


Khye still loves bath time. I bathe him once or twice a day depending on the weather. These few days, the weather gets so hot and stuffy and I bathe him on most days before bedtime.
8 November 2012

 After bath time, Khye loves being wrapped up like this.
2 November 2012

Going Out

As mentioned, we go out a lot for breakkies. This one is at Dome, Straits Quay.
8 November 2012

But we do go out as a family of 4 sometimes. It does get chaotic at times when both kids go cranky, but we survived so far ;)

We were at Sushi Tei, Gurney Plaza.
3 November 2012 - Sushi Tei

Shern got nice food to eat while Khye slept in the stroller


Shern & Khye lying down side by side.
7 November 2012
Sometimes they take naps and sleep like this.
7 November 2012

At other times, both of them want my attention at the same time.
So there are moments like this on some mornings.
5 November 2012

So How Is Mummy Doing?

Although I was feeling much better at my breastfeeding ordeal, I was feeling a bit emo at being myself being 30 years old.
So I scrapped about myself being 30. (and also to complete the scrapbooking friendly challenge by Sharon :>)
At 30 years old, I am now a mum of 2. I barely believe it.

The photo of me in a green top was taken when I was 31 weeks preggy. That was the only decent photo of me alone.
You know, when you have kids, you barely take photos of yourself alone. It is usually photos of me WITH my kids, never a photo alone.

7 November 2012

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