Sunday, November 18, 2012

My First Baby

Found these photos in my laptop and I suddenly felt like uploading them in my blog. These photos were taken almost a year ago when Shern was 2 1/2yo.
These photos of me and my boy was before I was even pregnant with Khye.

No amount of gold can compare, to the love and bonding Shern and I share....I love you baby.

30 December 2011 - Sushi Zenmai, Precinct 10


Shu-Min said...

This was taken during my birthday! :)

Apple Tan said...

Do we have Sushi Zenmai in PG? I thought it's Sushi Zento or something.

tanshuyin said...

Min....haha i know la. but i forgot that we went there to celebrate meh? Maybe i got the dates wrong.

Apple...oops...yes u r right. Shd b sushi zento. I will go amend it later :)

Apple Tan said...

It's ok, i thought Sushi Zenmai finally made it to Penang. Sigh!