Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yiu-Khye - Week 6

25 October 2012 - Week 6

Awake Time

Now that Khye's awake for longer period of time, I've been talking and singing to him to support his sensory development.
This is the week where I take more pictures of him with his eyes open. ;)
22 October 2012
22 October 2012


Birdie and Flower Fan

Khye has got a new friend, the yellow birdie on his rocker. haha. He seems to like it as he keeps staring at it. I guess it is because it is of nearer range for him than the other 2 hanging toys on his rocker.

22 October 2012

Shern's Flower Fan is also being passed on to Khye. Khye seems fascinated to it too.
25 October 2012


Khye sleeps in his rocker during the day at home, while he sleeps in the bouncer in Pho-pho's and A-Ma's house.
22 October 2012

22 October 2012

Bath Time

Just like his big bro, Khye loves bath time too, even at such a young age. Sometimes he would cry when I take off his clothes, but the moment I put him in his bath tub, he stops crying. I love this tub, as even at 6 weeks old, he could sit quite steadily on the non-slip back pads with some support from me.

Look at him smiling during bath time.

25 October 2012


Khye has been following me everywhere coz he was on direct-latch and I can't express then due to my nipple tears and cuts. So I've been searching for baby friendly places, and also places which are not too crowded. But then almost everywhere mummy goes, baby Khye follows.
20 October 2012

25 October 2012


Khye might not be able to talk yet, but he has a lot of expressions or ways to tell me things. I know his expressions when he is does his poo-poo.
And I know his expressions and sounds when he wets his diapers and wants to be changed. Yes, he dislikes the wet feeling.

And when he is awake, he likes to do this whistling expression, and he also often furrows his brows like he is frowning or deep in thoughts.
23 October 2012

Sleeping Styles

Like most babies, Khye has many sleeping style which I find really cute. So I love to take photos of him sleeping.
25 October 2012

I love him in this cute little cap Pho-pho bought for him.

25 October 2012

And Khye also often smiles in his sleep. :D

25 October 2012

This is him sleeping in my arms sometimes, the view of Khye from my eyes.
25 October 2012

How is Mummy Doing?

Here is a photo of me and baby Khye just before our breakkie outing to Winter Warmers, Precinct 10.
19 October 2012
Attended a dinner with friends (first time) at Ming Garden, Penang Times Square and had a glass of non-alcoholic champagne. It felt really good to be out!
19 October 2012

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