Friday, November 2, 2012

Shern's School Concert

Last Saturday was an exciting day for all of us. It was Shern's concert day. It was his first ever concert, but we were all more excited for him. Haha.
Oh...Shern having his first concert means my boy is growing up...

In truth, we did not exactly know what he would be doing at the concert. Well, we knew the song and the dance routine a little because he came home and danced for us many times. But we didn't know what the exact costume he would be wearing, because he only brought back part of the costume.

There was a little chaos at home in the morning. We were supposed to let the 2-3 year old kids wear diapers on that day, but Shern refused to wear them. I tried to explain to him that today is concert day and is different from other days so he needed to wear them, but he still refused. So in the end I gave up and only put the diapers in his school bag and would let the teachers deal with him.

We got him ready in time and this was the face he gave me in our apartment lift when I asked him to smile. :)

He was in a better mood when we reached WOU, and he even asked for a picture next to a coconut tree. We left him there at WOU at 9am and we went home.  

The concert started at 12 noon and the auditorium door would only open at 11.45pm as stated in the tickets.

But by the time we reached there, there was already a long queue in front of us. Oh no..
By the way, there were 9 of us watching Yiu-Shern the star performing if you include Khye, haha.
Ah-Ma, Ah-Kong, Pho-pho, Kong-kong, Yee-pho, Yee-yee, Daddy and Mummy and baby Khye...all 9 of us

This was the stage setup.
Theme of the concert was Disney Movie Music Magic!

It started off with slideshows of the school activities, and I caught sight of the picture of Shern with Pho-pho in a school outing (Hubby & I were in Melb).

Shern's performance was the 4th one which for 2-3 year olds dancing to The Little Mermaid's Under The Sea.

They have impressive slideshows all throughout the concert....tada...starring...

Lim Yiu-Shern as one of the

Can you spot Shern?
He was standing on the right hand side, middle row.

Zooming in...

From his expression, I could see that he was not very happy at the beginning of the dance. Most probably due to tiredness and he woke up at 8am and it was about 12.30pm when he performed. So he was not dancing his best. He did some steps and did not do some.
We could even see a little girl at the other side of the stage crying and the teacher had to take her away.
I guess some of them were a little in awe of the audience. Imagine about a hundred or so audience watching your perform for the first time.

But in the middle of the dance, he caught on the drift and started to enjoy himself and danced more properly.

Besides that dance, Shern also joined the Finale where they sang Cinderella's A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

Everybody comes out and there was a surprise at the end of the song.
Everyone stood up and danced Oppa Gangnam Style. Shern was so happy dancing it that he danced 'til he fell down and got up again and continued dancing. Hahaha...Cute!

After the concert ended, we took a few photos with Shern in his costume.

But I could see that he was tired and hungry. Thank goodness Ah-Ma bought some Apom and he ate a few pieces of it.

A group photo of us, but too bad Ah-Ma and Ah-Kong went home already.

Shern was still eating when we were leaving. Upon reaching our apartment, Ah-Kong carried him out from the car and he fell asleep before reaching the lift. That was like less than a minute, and he was already snoring away....he was very very tired!

No good videos of the concert day to share (will wait for the videos by the professionals).
But meanwhile, if you are interested, here is a video of Shern rehearsing to Under The Sea back at home about 3 months ago.

Overall, it was a fabulous concert. The school put in a lot of effort and I applaud them tremendously. And I'm also proud of Shern.

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