Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Salmon Sashimi @ Azuma, QBM - My Favourite Japanese Restaurant

I'd always been a fan of Azuma @ Queensbay Mall since I tasted their rice dishes. I like their beef rice (RM8), garlic rice(RM5) and even their mushroom(RM6) rice. Even they are mini, they are compact and full of fragrant. At only RM5-8, they are pretty affordable I think.

But the moment I bit into these fat, juicy salmon sashimi, I was sold. There and then, I knew they've got me!

I went there yesterday with hubby and I saw that Salmon was their October month offer. Their meal set of pan-fried salmon did not look as appetizing as their raw salmon.
So I ordered one plate of those Salmon Sashimi at only RM12.90 (normal price is RM20).

My actual order of Azuma's Raw Salmon - 4 Oct 2010

There was actually 5 pieces, but I ate one slice of it before I took photos of them. ;P
And that bite was so mesmerizing that I could not stop raving to hubby how nice and fresh and juicy they are. (Thank goodness hubby is not a sake fan. So I don't have to share it with him! hehe)

Aren't they fresh and juicy and FAT?

So now I officially announce Azuma being my favourite Japanese restaurant. After all, I only go to Japanese restaurants for their sashimi and sake is my favourite.

Slurrp...I feel like going back there again tomorrow!

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