Friday, October 29, 2010

Shern @16 mths - As a mum, I am STILL learning...

Quite recently, one of my friends asks me if my child is behaving normally, after seeing Shern for like a few hours.
I don't blame her. I mean, what she sees might be appalling to her since she has no kids of her own yet and I assume that she is seldom surrounded by 16-month-old toddlers.
And what's more...another mutual friend of ours who also has a kid of almost the same age was seen behaving much more well behaved than my erratic, super active son!

Surprisingly, I did not fly into a temper. I patiently explained to her that Shern is indeed behaving very normal like any other 16-months-old.

16-months-old believes that the world revolved around them. And when they are sad, they often use emotional outbursts to clear out the best feelings. And to keep myself sane, I need to remember that my son's lack of self-control is normal and he will eventually learn what is socially acceptable with my guidance. I need to be calm in order to calm him down.
Imagine me crying out in despair or screaming my lungs out at him - which means both my son and I will be having a yell match and life will be chaotic all the time.

I already learn to accept that my son is one of those super active, cannot-sit-still toddlers. It won't work to just simply shove him a brochure or a plastic coaster, hoping that it will distract him for some 10 minutes while I have my coffee chat with a friend. Dream on.....
Shern is not so easily pacified and he needs all the attention he can get unless he has his favourite toy cars to play with.

Toddlers live large. They love large, they play all out and they have big, passionate feelings. So even though they throw their toys and play rough and throw tantrums, it melts my heart whenever they show their love for me. Shern will tilt his head to one side and 'sayang' me and he will open his arms and throw himself unto me, giving me a big bear hug. These are the small little things that makes it all worthwhile to be his mum.

One thing, Shern has such natural smiles. Wide with happiness, showing whatever teeth he has proudly!

27 September 2010

I am still learning how to be a mum to Shern. Each individual child is different. Each of them are special in their own ways. I am still coping and learning to be a good mum to Shern...

I am STILL far.... :)


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