Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reunion Dinner @ Mama's Hse

This is the 2nd time I am having my reunion dinner at mama aka mother-in-law's house. I always look forward to satisfy my stomach there because mama is one of the greatest cook I've known.

So please let me dedicate one entry on her deliciously home cooked dishes:

Sweet & Sour Fish

Steamed 'Kampung' Chicken

Lor Bak

Kiam Chai Boey

Curry Prawns

Jiu Hu Char - my favourite dish

All the food on the table

Lim Family Reunion Dinner CNY 2009
6 adults and 2 hungry children couldn't wait to stuff all the food into their stomachs!
Thanks mama for such nice food. You certainly lift the bar so much higher now for food quality!
**Did you notice that the clock shows 6pm sharp?


Anonymous said...

Thanks to "Mama" for her EXCELLENT and love in cooking to make each and every dish so unique and special (of course, super duper tasty!!)

I hope to have her skill to cook those spread next time.
Then, your family come "makan" ya..
You meantime must learn too..
I am still learning through trial and error.
I wish to have magical hands to cook like her..

Still wishing..

tanshuyin said...

sis....ive tried some cooking too. edible la but alwiz turned up not as nice mama's cooking!