Thursday, February 5, 2009

22 weeks old

My little angel is developing his senses - touch, sight, hearing and taste. He may now even grab onto the umbilical cord (there is nothing else for him to grab in there, right?) and practise the strong grip that will soon be clutching my fingers!

Do you know that our little angel can perceive light and dark? Even with fused eyelids and even though it is dark in the uterine cocoon. My pregnancy bible tells me that if I shine a flashlight over my belly, I may be able to feel little angel squirrming away from the 'bright' light!
I haven't tried it yet though....

Little angel can also now hear his daddy and mummy's voice, my regular heartbeat, the whoosh-whoosh of my blood circulating my body, those gastric gurgles, and even the dog barking, loud TV (Peter's Iron Man and Ben10 cartoon noises), etc. He can now basically hear what I am hearing.
So now is time to play the Mozart!


Mun Yi said...

Wei, do you talk to your little angel every night before you sleep?

Tan Shu-Yin said...

erm...not every night. but every day...DAY AND AFTERNOON AND NIGHT! hahahaha.

Mun Yi said... why didn't I see that coming...hahaha...:)