Saturday, February 28, 2009


I always look at Shu-Min with envy whenever she received cheques of rm100 from Nuffnang. It seems like easy money to me.

Advertise those ads in your blog. Wait for people to click them. Ahem..actually BEG for people to click them and then wait for a few months (or maybe years?) and then hopefully a big fat cheque arrive at your postbox!

How easy can that be, right?
And furthermore, I am pretty broke nowadays. I haven't bought anytime nice for myself for a long, long time. Every single cent spent now goes to Little Angel.

I am really in need of some money $$$!

So I'm going to have to try it out. So please people, whenever you visit this blog of mine with an update, kindly click on the ads available. It won't take you more than 3 secs.



Mindy said...

clicked already

tanshuyin said...

mindy...muaks muaks.
pls continue to click EVERYTIME! yeah!

Anonymous said...

clicked clicked n clicked... :P


Anonymous said...

i use to have it on my previous blog, but i don't get big fat cheque arriving at the foot of my door! hence, I kinda stop. =P

Jen said...

One click one muffins =) deal!

tanshuyin said...

cpeng...thanks. continue clicking ya!

chiaoju...i wanna try it out!

jen...wah...u so untung? ;P