Monday, February 16, 2009

My V-Day

I know Valentine's Day is now too commercialize and all...but I still can't help but to go out to join the crowd. However, I also don't believe in paying more just because it is Valentine's Day. So every year, darlin' & I will just go to somewhere where the prices are not being hiked up.

We ended up in Crepes at Gurney Drive this V-Day. I like the place there. It is quiet and they have nice desserts. We were not too hungry so we just shared everything we ordered. We had Spinach Soup and Mini Tuna Crepes as appetizers, Seafood Pasta as the main meal, and Mango Cup as desert. Best of all, total bill was only RM39. Good deal for a delicious meal on a special day, don't you think so?

Appetizer - erm...we almost drank the whole soup before I remembered we haven't taken a photo of this spinach soup yet! :P

Appetizer - Mini tuna crepes

Main meal - Seafood Pasta

Dessert - Mango Cup

The handsome couple! ;D

We then walked hand-in-hand all the way to Gurney Plaza....and stopped to have some gelato at Gelatissimo. Expensive but nice!

Peter standing in front of the Gelatissimo shop @ Gurney Plaza

Our Gelato - chocolate liquor, coffee and pistachio flavour


Jen said...

hohoho u look fat in the pic! gain more weight! not fat enough =P

tanshuyin said...

not fat? im gonna post up my most recent fat pic in my pregnancy blog soon dee. u go see. i really fat. u ask min n see