Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living just on one person's income

One of the most difficult decision we made is to decide to live just on one person's income. With me not working (working as his clerk is not counted), we just need to do budgeting and sometimes have to look the other way when I see a gorgeous and expensive handbag!

But it is not that we don't have any luxuries in life. We still go to Sushi King and Dragon-i (2 places which I feel is expensive). We still go for holidays. We still treat our friends to meals occasionally.

We just need to think more before a purchase. I think being frugal is the keyword.

However, I think the timing is just right with me being pregnant now. I would like it very much if I can be a stay-home mum. I want my kids to spend more time with me than their baby-sitter. I want to see every little accomplishment of my kids. (their first word, their first step, etc). All in all, I want to be there for them.

I want a career change. I want to do something with more soul. I want to be a mum. Is this normal?

The consequences is missing out all the opportunities in the corporate world. I feel so left-out sometimes. All my friends out there are earning big bucks, gaining experiences and their resumes are getting thicker. Do I want all these in my life?

However, I have not ruled out the possibility of me joining the workforce full-time. When? I don't know. Maybe when the time is right.


Mindy said...

Different people have different things which they want to achieve in life. So if you know what you want from life and are able to achieve that, then you are already a successful person.

tanshuyin said...

I want to be a mum...but sometimes I feel that it is not 'normal' and like i said...i feel left-out at times.
but then most of the happy to just stay at home and do 'soulful' work :D

Anonymous said...

You choose your own priorities in life. In this case you've chosen to have moments that can never be bought in exchange of monetary luxuries that you can always buy with $$$. So I don't think there's anything abnormal.

Don't feel 'left-out' about things that are no longer important. Concentrate on things that are.


mELbiEpiE said...

Hmm, fully agreed with Min and Mun.

Don't worry darl, you've got a huge project (baby boy) that's awaiting for you to take care of soonish, and this is seriously not an easy task :)
I defly can understand how you'd feel 'left out' from all the normal routine you used to do, but this is just a temporary process that most of us girls'll need to undergo one day. \
It's just that you're a few years ahead of all of us and who's gonna be the first lucky mum~! =D

*hUGz n mUacKs*

tanshuyin said...

munyi...u make me feel so good now! usual u r most supportive. muaks!

Anonymous said...

i feel sometimes it's hard enough dealing with work. what more being a wife, and even what more soon being a mum. ultimately it boils down to what is best for your family...though IMO, you're still so young (imagine the tens and twenties of years ahead) and it's good to keep busy, keep your brain know, perhaps half day job, make new friends, enough time for ya baby....later on when you get 3,4,5 kids then can reconsider :p hehhhehe

mh said...

i think the decision of being a stay at home mum is one of the biggest and hardest decisions in life. That said, it is also a decision which promises to be very rewarding indeed. good luck - i can only hope that i will be as brave and noble as you when my time comes :D

tanshuyin said...

hie mh...are u a he or a she? anyway, i hope the results will be as rewarding as im hoping. :D

mh said...

I'm a she who is dithering about this decision hypothetically for the time being. :)

tanshuyin said...

haha...dont think so much. join the gang. we will both somehow reap the rewards no matter what! :D

tanshuyin said...

haha...dont think so much. join the gang. we will both somehow reap the rewards no matter what! :D