Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pancake - with fruits and ice-cream

As planned, I woke up early today to make breakfast for darlin' & I. So what's on the menu today? PANCAKES...with fruits and ice-cream.

The ingredients needed are pretty simple. Flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, egg, butter and salt are needed to make the batter.

However, I think my batter ended up too watery, thus while frying, batter kept on spreading and making my pancakes wider. Hmm....too much egg & milk? or not enough flour I suppose. (I did not follow the recipe exactly as I didn't want such a big portion).

Anyway, I think they still look presentable and the taste is superb!

I served it with cut mangoes, peaches and grapes to make a healthy meal. Also drizzled some honey on top of the pancakes and put 2 scoops of Wall's Raspberry & Vanilla ice-cream with it. Yummy....


Anonymous said...

good evening Mdm Tan. =)

i see that you're serving really nice food these days. i will be dinner-less these couple of days. i think my dinner tonight would have to be instant noodle.

do u think u will be kind enough to make another portion of those really nice and virtually delicious food for me? pretty pls? =P

and yes, i very oo bin. HAHAHA...

nevertheless, ur food all look damn hebat. =P

tanshuyin said... into trying different recipes these few days. :D

blubbieMs said...

wah.. bersemangat siut! When I was pregnant, I was more bersemangat in eating than cooking.. and trust me, I ate LOADS of pancakes, ice-creams, steamboat buffet, ribs.. never once did I even lift a finger to want to cook.. HAHAHAHAH i salute u wey!

tanshuyin said...

emily...haha. it is ok. u are still so slim n pretty now even though u ate loads during pregnant!

Mindy said...

Eh... one day you make pancakes and we'll go over to your house and eat ah.

tanshuyin said... pancake skill not good yet la. told u in the blog that batter is too watery dee! ;)

Anonymous said...

wahhhhh looks so delicious... i want one toooo please..... hehehehe


Anonymous said...

Oh really make me hungry...Just can't wait to try....Then at the same time, we can give you opinion how it taste..