Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pancake - with fruits and ice-cream

As planned, I woke up early today to make breakfast for darlin' & I. So what's on the menu today? PANCAKES...with fruits and ice-cream.

The ingredients needed are pretty simple. Flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, egg, butter and salt are needed to make the batter.

However, I think my batter ended up too watery, thus while frying, batter kept on spreading and making my pancakes wider. Hmm....too much egg & milk? or not enough flour I suppose. (I did not follow the recipe exactly as I didn't want such a big portion).

Anyway, I think they still look presentable and the taste is superb!

I served it with cut mangoes, peaches and grapes to make a healthy meal. Also drizzled some honey on top of the pancakes and put 2 scoops of Wall's Raspberry & Vanilla ice-cream with it. Yummy....


chiaoju said...

good evening Mdm Tan. =)

i see that you're serving really nice food these days. i will be dinner-less these couple of days. i think my dinner tonight would have to be instant noodle.

do u think u will be kind enough to make another portion of those really nice and virtually delicious food for me? pretty pls? =P

and yes, i very oo bin. HAHAHA...

nevertheless, ur food all look damn hebat. =P

Tan Shu-Yin said... into trying different recipes these few days. :D

blubbieMs said...

wah.. bersemangat siut! When I was pregnant, I was more bersemangat in eating than cooking.. and trust me, I ate LOADS of pancakes, ice-creams, steamboat buffet, ribs.. never once did I even lift a finger to want to cook.. HAHAHAHAH i salute u wey!

Tan Shu-Yin said...

emily...haha. it is ok. u are still so slim n pretty now even though u ate loads during pregnant!

Mindy said...

Eh... one day you make pancakes and we'll go over to your house and eat ah.

Tan Shu-Yin said... pancake skill not good yet la. told u in the blog that batter is too watery dee! ;)

Anonymous said...

wahhhhh looks so delicious... i want one toooo please..... hehehehe


giNnA said...

Oh really make me hungry...Just can't wait to try....Then at the same time, we can give you opinion how it taste..