Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jamie & Dylan in Penang for CNY 2009

I can't help posting their pics here....they are too cute to be left unknown *grin*

Jamie is now 6+ and Dylan is 2+ yrs old. Jamie is as 'ai sui' as ever and forever posing in front of the camera. Dylan is as cute as ever and he loves to give people sloppy kisses!

Jamie & Dylan resting on the car boot

1st day of CNY before house visiting session starts

Aren't they cute in their sunglasses?

Look-alike? Doesn't Dylan looks like his 'Ah Ku'?


The Malaysian Explorer said...

really cute.......

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tanshuyin said...

hie..thanks. how did u come across my blog? ur blog 'The Malaysian Explorer' is interesting and informative.

Anonymous said...

i wanted to say it look more like Peter's son after seeing the 1st cny day photo....

tanshuyin said...

yayar...everybody says he looks like peter. u r?

Anonymous said...

Dylan loves Ben10 too? Hahahaha... damn a lot of kids are loving Ben10... ermm... i've watched the cartoon before, and...

i don't get it.


tanshuyin said...

chiaoju...haha. jamie likes ben10 more. dylan is too young to really understand the show.

Anonymous said...

Very nice..
Thanks for including them in your blog..
Suddenly they are well-known, hehe!
Can't wait to see your baby!