Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Staycation With Kids: Weekend Getaway @ Lone Pine Hotel

28 June 2015 - Just me and my 2+1 boys @ Lone Pine Hotel

We received a complimentary night stay in Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Feringghi from my uncle and aunt. 
I was so happy because I was itching for some weekend getaway to somewhere near as travel bug has bit me again. But because of my super huge tummy, no airline is ever going to accept me, and travelling far is going to be crazy as well.
So this offer from my uncle and aunt was like an answered prayer! 
Thanks 4kaufu and 4kaumou.

The voucher was going to expire soon so we booked it straightaway. Managed to book it for Sunday night stay. 

The Welcome Drink was very refreshing. Is a combination of orange and something but it was really good and Khye enjoyed it so much.
As usual, picky Shern stayed away from it as long as it was not chocolate drink. Haha. 

Our Premier Room came with 2 Queen Sized Bed so it was perfect for us.
So we even called my sis over to stay with us.

Kids were happy just lazing around and watching tv and munching on snacks.

Khye ate the 2 bananas there before dinner time as Khye is a fruit lover.

At about 4.30pm we went down for a swim already as we saw part of the pool was shaded from the sun and it was a really hot and humid day as well. 

Everyone was glad to have a dip in the cooling waters. 

We saw a big round float there and Khye was using it to lounge himself on it. 

Me n Khye. See my very big tummy.

Found some bougainvilleas on the pool and both my kids had them behind their ears.

 Love this photo of Khye being wrapped up like a burrito. Haha.

Then it was beach time.
We brought some sand toys from home and they tried to build sandcastles.

Yee-yee brought them to the sea to fill up their pail.

And then me and the kids had so much fun sitting at the edge of the sea, waiting for the waves to lap up to us.

Look at their joyful expressions. 

This is a nice photo of us taken by my sis.

Our legs.

Hubby brought coconut from a nearby stall and it was nice sitting by the beach drinking coconut water.

We stayed there 'til about 7pm, and then went up stairs for a bath and shower before heading out for dinner.

Ate at a nearby restaurant called Mario. Food was decent and ok.
Erm, food photo in sis' phone so no photos here.

After dinner, we headed to the newly opened Starbucks in Batu Feringghi coz none of us has been there.
Really a cool place to hangout and it has direct access to the beach and some of the chairs are on the sand by itself.
It was a hot night and I was paranoid a bit about my kids getting stung by Aedes mosquitoes so we sat at the airconditioned area.

Waited 1/2 hour for hubby to get our drinks. It was full of people. 

Reached hotel at 10pm and then it was bedtime. Shern has school the next day as it was Monday.
We decided for Khye to skip school since he only goes to school to play. :)

So me n my sis n Khye went down for the complimentary breakfast the next morning. 

We sat outside because it was quite breezy with the sea breeze in the morning.
It was quite a big buffet spread so I ate quite a lot.

After breakfast we walked around the hotel, because only then we had time to explore the hotel a little. 1 night stay is a little too short actually. 

Khye on the hammock...

At the Lepak room, saw this huge congkak made of a whole slab of wood, very heavy. Khye started filling up the holes with marbles.

Back at the hotel when we were packing to check-out, Khye was asking me to take photos and videos of him. He then performed in front of me singing a variety of songs from ABC to Twinkle Twinkle to Incy Wincy Spiders, etc. 
I ended up recorded many short clips of him performing, which are precious memories for me. 

All in all, I am glad to have this very short weekend getaway in Lone Pine Hotel. 
It gives my kids and I a break from our usual routine, and some bonding time as a family. 

So it was an awesome weekend for us!  

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Unknown said...

My whole family enjoyed the stay here. Breakfast was good. Room was clean.

Everything perfect.
The only thing that needs to be rectified is the broken cement along the walkway to the rooms.

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