Monday, July 30, 2012

Yiu-Shern - 37 Months

It has been a few months since I last updated Shern's development milestones. So here it is...

29 July 2012 - 37 months (photo by Win Win)
In a blink of an eye, my little baby is no more a baby. Some says 3yo is still called toddler. Some says is preschooler. Anyhow, all I know is that my little boy is no more a baby.
He celebrated his 3yo birthday 3 times last month. Once at home on his real day, 2nd time a mini party at home with relatives, and the 3rd time in his playschool with his fiends.

Shern started going to playschool consistently after his initial crying episode. He is now enjoying school and could name me a few of his friends' names in school.
But then he is such a dawdle every morning before playschool. He dawdles his way through breakfast and changing into his school uniform. Maybe because he doesn't know how to read the time/clock yet, so the mummy is the only one getting all 'kin cheong', but he is all lackadaisical because he doesn't even know he is late!

Potty Training
Shern is now fully potty-trained, as in pee and poo, but only during the day. From his playschool, he learned to say this every time he wants to pee:
                "Mummy, may I go to the toilet please"
                Then I must answer "Yes, you may"
Very polite and nice.

But the problem is everytime I need to go to the toilet I need to say this too:
                 "Yiu-Shern, may I go to the toilet please"
                Then he will answer "Yes, you may"

Shern is very small-sized. His grandma calls him cili padi. He only weighs 13.5kg. His weight lingers around this for more than half a year or so already.
For me is OK as long as he eats and he is healthy. I have been underweight all my life too ;)

This is a thing I have a headache with. I don't know how to wean him off the pacifier. As of now, he only takes his pacifier when he sleeps or in the car, and not at other times. But if I allow, he would have sucked his pacifier the whole day.
I introduced the pacifier to him when he was a few months old because if I don't, he would be stuck to my boobs 24/7. I believe if I didn't, he would be stuck to my boobs even until now.
And now I can't wean him off the pacifier completely. How?

Shern's speech is very good. He uses words I don't even know he knows. Such as 'Thomas is a silly engine'. And when he plays with his train in the hse, he will shout 'All aboard'!
I guess he learns it from the DVD or youtube.

These 2 months, Shern has turned into a muslim or something. He doesn't take meat. No pork or chicken. hahaha. Luckily he still takes fish n prawns and his favourite is fish balls and eggs.
He can eat fishballs and eggs with rice every day and he will be so happy!

Shern has his 'naik gila' episodes. About once a week, I think. Because of a small matter, he sometimes throws a gigantic tantrum and cries and whines for so long, that he doesn't even know what he wants anymore.
This is the time when Shern test my patience. Sometimes I do talk to him patiently, when he gets too much, a spank on his leg or hand is what he gets.

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