Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How Am I Going to Push This Big Fella Out?

I just got home from the gynae visit this morning.
This is 'Lil Bub's face. You can see his chubby cheeks here. He is facing sideways. 

31 July 2012 - week 33 - 'Lil Bub's face, sideway

According to my gestation week, I should be about 33 weeks preggy. But 'Lil Bub decided to be a big baby and according to the ultrasound scans, he is about 36 weeks in size averagely. Which means that he is 2-3 weeks bigger than my gestation week. Fuyoh!

31 July 2012 - week 33 - 'Lil Bub is 36 weeks averagely in size

However, the weighing scale says I am 57.4kg, which means I gained about ~7kg thus far, which is not a lot for a pregnant woman. So does this means 'Lil Bub is gobbling up all the food I eat? *grin

Anyway, Dr. Eric says since I am waiting for spontaneous birth and VBAC, there is no need to worry. Just let nature takes its course. Baby will come out when he is ready.
But doc asked me to be prepared 'coz 'Lil Bub may come out 2-3 weeks earlier, so I may be delivering beginning of September. Geez!

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Josie said...

SUPER EXCITED to see him! :)