Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Lost My Voice. I Am Sick.

I have been rather quiet lately. And this is true literally speaking. This is because I lost my voice.

I had a very bad sore throat since last Saturday. It hurt even when I try to swallow my own saliva. I haven't been this sick since I last went to Hong Kong back in 2010.
I dragged myself to see the doc on Monday because I wasn't getting better and I rather not prolong it in case I pass it to Shern. So now armed with antibiotics, flu and cough meds, I sleep my day away everyday.

I am amazed by how much I can sleep. I wake up at about 7.45am every day to prepare Shern for playschool, and then by midday, I sleep for as long as 3 hours. And when night time comes, I sleep again for another 8 hours. This is a lot for me because on usual days when I'm not sick, if I grabbed an afternoon nap, I would've stayed awake 'til 2am!

I've forgotten how bad it is to be sick. It feels terrible. I'm feeling sleepy and lethargic all the time. And with the flu, I can't breathe properly and I coughed 'til I vomited just now.
My throat is not hurting me that much anymore, but now I've got a very husky voice and I sound like a man.

Now all I hope is that I don't pass these germs to Shern. *pray hard*

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