Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Is That A Ball Underneath My Clothes?

Week 29 - 7 Mths - 3 July 2012

It certainly looks like there is a ball hidden underneath my clothes.
I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday and there were so many people commenting on it. One told me my 'Lil Bub is having Euro Fever. Lol.

I'm now in week 29, which means I'm entering my 3rd and final Trimester. Yes, finally. I feel like for this pregnancy, my tummy is bigger than my first (which everybody tells me is normal). My tummy feels stretched thin and I couldn't believe Lil Bub has much more space to move. But gynae just told me today that Lil Bub still has ample of space left. How could that be when he is kicking me like crazy! :)

Anyway, I'm 55.5kg today according to my gynae's scale and I've only gained ~5kg. So doctor told me I can gain some more, no problem. But Lil Bub is a little big-sized. Uh oh! Sigh...must be Lil Bub ate all my food. He ate all my sushi and nasi kandar and haagen-dazs!

But I am feeling great at this moment. Besides the feeling of carrying a football underneath my clothes 24/7, I've got no swollen feet yet. So walking is still OK for me. Appetite is great and everything is my palate now. No cravings so Hubby should thank his lucky stars.
Squatting is a bit of a problem for me (hey, try putting a football underneath your clothes and then squat and pee), so I will usually choose the cube with the toilet seat and then half-squat to pee. Easier for me this way! =)

That's all for now for the first pregnancy update for the 3rd Trimester for Baby#2!

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