Thursday, July 19, 2012

31 Weeks Preggy and Shopping in KL

17 July 2012 - 31 weeks preggy

I just got back from KL yesterday.

And I've got to thank my hubby for this trip because he stayed home and took care of Shern while his wife went shopping in KL! How terrific is my hubby, right?
Not only he stayed home to be the babysitter, but he paid for his wife's shopping!
God gave me the best hubby in the whole wide world. ;)

My gynae asked me to walk more so that I will have an easy delivery. I actually walked 'til I had 3 plasters on my left foot! Haha.

My Shopping Left Foot - 17 July 2012

It's actually not a bruised foot, but I felt that due to all the walking, and maybe some leg swelling at the end of the day, my shoe kinda scratch against certain parts of my foot. So to prevent it from being scratched further, I plastered the area. It's a prevention move actually.

But it didn't help that I have a shopaholic-walking-mum who can walk the malls for 12 hours without buying anything! In fact, that was what we did. We actually walked the malls from 10am-10pm for 3 consecutive nights, but we bought loads of stuff though! Haha.

It was a great short trip. I really enjoyed myself. And all thanks to hubby for staying home with Shern. I love you hubby! Thanks for everything!


Emily said...

Where you women stayed at in KL then? U know I live only 5min away from Ikea.. :( :( I am so sad you didn call.. :( :( ehhehehe managed to buy the kitchen set for Shern?

tanshuyin said...

emily, we stayed in Swiss Garden Residence near pudu there in town.
soli ler didnt really have time. but i didnt know u stay so near ikea. i dont often go to ikea. usually juz stay in town if we go down kl.

anyway, yes i bought the kitchen set. but bought the ex-display set without the top part (i dont mind) for only rm145. super duper happy!!!

giNnA said...

Shu Yin, I feel u damn ho till your foot like that.... :P

tanshuyin said...

Ginna...hahaha. Plaster is juz protection for my foot lah. But we really shopped from 10am-10pm for 3 days!!!