Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Conversation with Shern @ 2 years 10 months - Part 2

Shern is getting more and more vocal and he now thinks before answering, giving me rather cute and surprising answers. So this is the part 2 of my recent conversation I had with Shern.

Shern: Mummy, please come sit the slide with Shern-Shern.
Me: Mummy is too big and cannot fit into the slide.
Shern: When mummy become small-small, then mummy come sit the slide with Shern-Shern.
Me: :)


Shern: Yee-yee, ai mai see Thomas, ai mai? AI YAA!!!
(self question, self reply. :)


Shern: Yee-yee, ai open fridge. i THINK got chocolate.
(after we surrender and took one chocolate from the hidden compartment)
Shern: see, got already! last one only okay?


Me: When baby comes out, mummy have to sleep on the bed, to take care of baby when baby cries. Then Shern-Shern sleep down here with daddy, ok?
Shern: Mummy sleep up there, mummy take care of baby. Shern-Shern sleep with daddy, Shern-Shern takes care of daddy!
Me: Haha, good boy.


Shern was watching cartoon Mickey Mouse riding on a rainbow.
Shern: mummy, pls bring me to the rainbow.
Me: Only in cartoons they can go to the rainbow. The rainbow is up in the sky where we can't reach. So we can't go there.
Shern: When the rainbow come down, then mummy bring Shern-Shern there!
Me: ;p


p/s - If you are interested, here is Part 1

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