Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day with a Treasured Craft Piece

When I was celebrating Mother's Day for the first time ever back in 2010, Shern was too small to know what is going on. So hubby gave me a Radley handbag on behalf of Shern. I love the bag.

This year, Shern is almost 3yo and is big enough to wish me 'Happy Mother's Day' and showered me with slobbering kisses. And....Shern made me something from playschool. It's the first ever craft he brought home and I'm so gonna keep it for the next 50 years or so. It's a door hanger which reads 'Today Is My Mummy Day Off'.

I know most of it are done by his teachers, but I am still terrible proud. He told me he was the one who stuck the sticker and also looped the ribbons through the holes. A bit of a mess but is still a beautiful piece of art in my eyes. My most treasured craft piece.
And of course the words didn't mean a thing. I did not get any day off! I was still shrieking my head off for Shern to bathe and sleep. ;)

We wanted to go up Penang Hill on Mother's Day. Not planning to do anything special up there. Maybe just for Shern to run about the playground there. But I know Shern would be thrilled to sit in the funicular train up Penang Hill. Too bad it was raining. The playground would be all wet and it wouldn't be very pleasant to walk about in the rain holding an umbrella. So we skipped the idea.

We then drove to Prangin Mall and had lunch at JL Gourmet, one of my favourite place. Then Shern made a fuss so we went home. And for dinner, we ate a monster meal at Sakae Sushi. Yeaps, nothing special on Mother's Day.

The next day, hubby then brought me for a belated mother's day hi-tea. Woo hoo!
I was stuffed full with chicken and mushroom pie, scones, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, cakes and cookies. The portion was huge and I was bloated by the time I stepped out of Suffolk House. Thank you hubby. I love you. ;)

And I'm so ever grateful to be given a chance to be a mum to my baby Shern. It's really an honour! I love you.

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