Monday, April 30, 2012

Conversation With Shern @ 2 years 10 months - Part 1

I enjoy talking to Shern now that his vocabulary widens. It is simply hilarious to hear his replies sometimes. I just want to jot down now that I can still remember, so that I can read back many years later and smile. :)                                                                        ~~~~~~~~~~
Me: Shern, you will need to sleep with daddy at night ok? Because when baby comes out, baby will cry and mummy will need to take care of baby, ok?
Shern: Shern-Shern will take care of mummy and baby!
Me: When Shern-Shern big, Shern-Shern will go to another big school ok?
Shern: When Shern-Shern big, Shern-Shern will go to work! :)
Shern wanted to open the fridge to see if there are any snacks in it. He walks to me and say,
Shern: Mummy, do you want to open fridge?
Every morning, Shern wakes up to tell me 'It's Saturday, today no school'
I think that he hopes that by saying this everyday, it will really becaome Saturday!

Shern was asking hubby to go out of the room, saying is Shern-Shern & Mummy time.
Me: Shern, you cannot ask daddy to go out. Daddy always carry Shern-Shern and drive Shern-Shern go kai-kai.
Shern thought for awhile and then went out to find hubby.
Shern: Daddy, don't be sad. Come in the room.

p/s - If you are interested, here is Part 2


Shu-Min said...

Shern: Yee Yee, ai ma see Thomas, ai mai? AI YAA!!!

self question, self reply. :)

Shu-Min said...
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Shu-Min said...

Shern: yee yee, ai open fridge. i THINK got chocolate.
(after we surrender and took one chocolate from the hidden compartment)
Shern: see, got already! last one only okay?

tanshuyin said...

wakakaka...i wanna add them dee ;0)

WendyinKK said...

It's good to have these recorded...

When I think back of what my girls said from 1-3, it was all sooooo cute!