Sunday, May 20, 2012

Super Impressed with Martha Stewart Customer Service!

If you know me or has been following me on Facebook, you would probably know that I do scrapbooking. I haven't post up my cards and layouts in blog, but I do so in facebook.

Well, as a scrapbooker, I hoard many scrapbooking tools and stuff. One of my favourite tool is Martha Stewart's Punch-All-Over Classic Butterfly Punch.

It is actually one of those few I use very often. Yesterday, I tried punching with it and it just wouldn't punch. I shook it and could hear a sound inside the puncher, as if a spring or something has been broken inside!

I was so sad, because it is my favourite punch and I think I bought it for about RM100 plus minus. So I just did what I could at that time and emailed Martha Stewart's customer service.

And guess what? In less than 6 hours, and 3 emails from them, they said they will order a new punch and send it to me once they received it. All the way to Penang, Malaysia! Wow!

Let me tell you, I am super impressed!
I can't stop going on and on to hubby on how efficient their customer service is and how much they value customer feedback. And they didn't even asked me to send over my spoilt punch.

Well, I haven't received the item yet of course. But once I do, I will definitely update it in this post. And just for your info, I am now a loyal fan of Martha Stewart's products!

p/s - I went to Melbourne for 10 days and when I'm back, I received the parcel at my postbox. I am very, very impressed with them. This experience has made me into a loyal Martha Stewart products fan! :D


Rae said...

mind to share where did you buy the punch?

tanshuyin said...

Hie Saoirse,

I bought it from Smidapaper ( which they used to have a shop in Straits Quay, but it has closed down now. Their new store will be opened in March I think.