Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When Shern Was Inside My Belly!

I thought I lost all my photos during my pregnancy and Shern's early months due to the burglary in mum's house last year.
Boy, I was wrong! I found my old memory card and in it were a few videos (yes, videos!) of me when I was 9 months pregnant...when I was almost due!

My belly was huge. And I saw Little Angel a.k.a Shern kicking and punching my belly. I guess he was looking for more space. I quickly uploaded the video in youtube and here you are...watching Shern kicking his mummy from inside my belly!

Shern Inside My Belly

2 June 2009

Noticed the left side of my belly kept on protruding in and out? That's Shern's doing!
And that vertical line on my belly is called Linea Nigra - a pregnancy trademark (which is fading off by now).

And for those of you who feels icky watching it...well, shoo off. I post it here because this is my personal blog ;D


Soo Huey said...

very interesting. i've never seen something like that before! i've seen ppl feeling the kicks with their hands, but didnt realise you can see it with your eyes so clearly! COOL!!

tanshuyin said... really very clear when shern was doing somersault in my belly. mebbe is coz i was already 9 mths pregnant at that time and shern was getting really strong by then.

Shu-Min said...

ur tummy looks like a balloon! :)