Monday, July 12, 2010

Smoothies Overload

I am so behind my smoothie updates. Actually, I did have time to whip out some smoothies for my family...mainly for hubby & I though.

Let's just say it this way. Whoever is lucky enough that when they come over to my house and I am whipping out some smoothies, then there will be smoothies served to you. :)

Anyway, I managed to take some photos of the smoothies I churned out using my blender. And they make such great breakfast pick-me-ups and also serves the purpose of a healthier yet delicious meal companion.

Most of them were made using either milk, yoghurt or vanilla ice-cream as a base.

l to r: Kiwi Lemon Smoothie, Orange Tango Smoothie, and Blueberry, Strawberry & Orange Smoothie

l to r: Carrot Apple Milk Smoothie, Cranberry Banana Smoothie, and Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Kiwi Smoothie

I think these justify the reason I bought the Lebensstil Blender, right? Hubby should be happy with the money well spent :P

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