Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Meet-Up After 10 Years

All of us finished Ballet Grade 8 in 1999 and it was an era where most of us did not have mobile phones yet. Interaction after that was minimal, or should I say, almost none at all.
Many of us also furthered our studies overseas and most of us lost touch.

But thanks to internal social sites like Friendster and Facebook and the world of blogging, we managed to keep in touch again. And since Emily was back to Penang for a visit, we decided to meet up...after 10 years!
In the end, only 3 of us made it. Emily and her son, Jaden, Carolyn & me.

Let me tell you....the 2 of them are amazing. Both are a year younger than me, and they are so pretty. I feel so old being sandwiched by them both. :)

Emily's son is 3 yo and she is just 27, and her bodyshape is woo wow!!!!
Carolyn is also only 27 and she is now a high-flyer lawyer or something like that.

3 July 2010

Ain't they pretty? And Emily's son is so kuai. He sits quietly in his stroller/highchair and he entertains himself just by looking at the window and observing the things around. See...when I said he is kuai means he is kuai.

It was really an enjoyable meet-up. We had fun updating each other about our lives (though mine's boring!). And we have something in common though.....We can dance ballet no more! ;(


blubbieMs said...

I am finally back in KL again.. oohhh, wait till I settle back into my routine and post up more pics of us together!! =) I missed you girls already!

tanshuyin said...

haha. let's meet up again soon then