Sunday, July 11, 2010

Steamboat @ Home

I am not fond of having steamboat outside. I am not fond of balls - dislike fishballs, sotong balls, crabmeat balls, almost all kinds of balls.

If the place has no aircond, then it is usually a very sweaty affair. With the hot soup burning our tongues coupled with our humid weather, I usually get very agitated eating steamboat.
And if the place has aircond, then my hair and clothes will end up smelling like food which forced me to wash my hair later on.

But. But. But. I love love LOVE steamboat at home. I like the freshness of the ingredients. And I get to eat more of other stuff other than balls. And I like mum's mix of homemade chilli. And usually we eat for hours. We eat them again and again...resting for an hour or two and then get up to eat again.

Today mum made steamboat again. Oh, I ate many prawns, and the crab makes the soup so sweet. I'm gonna have second round and third round.

11 July 2010

Oh...did I mention that we are having this for the whole day? No specific time. Just eat as at when you wish. :)
Ohhh...I love steamboat at home.


missyK said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE steamboat especially spicy China hot pot. :P

tanshuyin said...

hahaha. i prefer ther normal 'cheng th'ng' though

missyk said...

I fancy plain soup and tom yam too. But the only one I crave is spicy hot pot... and that's what i call LOVE! :)