Monday, July 12, 2010

Six to Eight Steps

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Today marks another milestone for Shern. He REPEATEDLY walked about 6-8 steps UNAIDED on his own! Woo hoo!

Since about 2 months ago, Shern has been walking already but it was always with a help of a walker or erm...pail or sort of. And without them, he was happy just cruising around the house.
He was pretty scared to walk on his own and his hands was always grabbing the sofa, or the wall, other furniture.

Then all of a sudden today, he just stood up - from a squatting position to a straight up standing. Then he takes a few steps. Then a few steps more.

I hope it won't be long 'til he really walks.

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missyk said...

great progress shern! and to his lovely mama: good luck to you when he starts running all over the place. :p