Friday, July 9, 2010

Look What Happened To My Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Ok. Ok. I know I haven't been updating my blog as regularly as before. I have too many blog post pending. I am behind schedule for my weekly bakes and even on Shern's monthly updates. He is 13 months old now.

I really need to update moments I want to capture because I am starting to be really forgetful.
Look what happened to the Japanese sweet potatoes I bought and then chucked them aside and totally forgotten about them?

30 June 2010

I actually bought them before we went to KL. After a week in KL and with my grandma passing, I totally forgotten about them. The next time I went to my kitchen, I found these sweet potatoes on my kitchen window sill, with roots sprouting out so high.

I am so forgetful nowadays.


Huey said...

Look from another way, hey you can plant something! :D

Not too bad. :)

tanshuyin said...

huey..hahah. this also considered planting?

missyK said...

Such coincidence, I also had leftover sweet potatoes the other day. But mine didn't have shoots and leaves (I kept them in the fridge). :D

tanshuyin said...

karen...clever girl.
i totally forgotten bout it. wasted my money!

missyk said...

oh my gosh, that 'clever girl' remark... sounds like you're talking to a small 5 year old kid. :p

tanshuyin said...

haha...u r juz a few decades older than a 5yo :P
that's still small :D