Friday, July 2, 2010

Gosh...What A Bruise!

It's all my fault really...and I am feeling so guilty now.
Shern's forehead has a swollen bruise and it is there because of me.

Shern was fussing two nights ago and in the middle of the night, I carried him to my bed for him to suckle and we both fell asleep. Actually, this is something very usual as we do this many times before.
But somehow that night, Shern woke up very suddenly and he stretched and pushed my hands away. Before I was aware what was happening, Shern fell out of bed onto the cold, hard floor. Head down. Thud!

It was a really bad fall. Surprisingly, he did not cry for long and he fell asleep after that.
After 2 days, the bruise got more swollen.

My poor baby...

2 July 2010 heart aches everytime I look at him. And of course, I got scolded by his kongkong, pho-pho, etc.


MieVee @ said...

Ouch... Of cos you didn't wish for this. Hope Shern would be fine soon. Vee & us co-sleep with the mattress on the floor. This is the safest way we thought of. Or consider pushing bed against a wall and having Shern between you & the wall when he co-sleeps?

tanshuyin said...

our queen-sized bed is we cannot push the bed against the wall. and there is not enough floor space to put another queen-sized mattress on our bedroom floor. :(

This Mama Loves... said...

Oh dear! Emphatise with you as Baby O had a bad fall recently too which left her with a huge haematoma on the head. Got us SO worried! She now sleeps on a flat mattress next to our bed on the floor. If you really have to put Shern on the bed (which may not be a good idea anymore as they grow more wriggly even in their sleep), maybe you can try sleeping sideways so that you can wedge him between yourself and the head of the bed? Just a suggestion. :-)

tanshuyin said...

This Mama...good suggestions :)
anyway, u have a blog too? i cant access your profile.

This Mama said...

Oh, can u not? I'm found at :-)

Huey said...

Oh goodness! That's a really big one!

Did he turn 'stupid-er' after that? :P

P/S: He looks really disapproving in the photos. Ha!

tanshuyin said...

This Mama....i can access now.
Btw, how did u come across my blog?

Chuey...he seems ok la. but then hor i think it hurts a lot lor.

Huey said...

I look at the photos again and I kinda have this caption in my head:

"Hey you the one holding the camera. Yes, you. What are you trying to do there? Taking shots of my bumps? You think that's funny? Wait till I kick you a**! Don't say I didn't warn you!"

tanshuyin said...

shuey....muahaha...where got la?
if my son dare to use the word a** on me, i will whack him! hahaha

scarediechickenme said...

Poor Shern...
Caleb had that too. Falling from bed one time and sofa another time. The bump was so serious that we brought him to see a doctor the next day.

And same as you, I got scolded by his kong-kong, pho pho and dadi too... :<