Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chicken Pox @ 13 months

Some of you may already seen it in my facebook status...that Shern has caught the Chicken Pox bug. In fact, I noticed some red spots on Shern's back and face the day Shern learnt how to walk by himself - 12 July 2010.

And when I saw the bubble-like spots later in the day, I know it has to be the Chicken Pox. I took him to the Night Clinic in GMC and he was attended to by Dr. Rama who confirmed it.

Don't ask me how he got it. I don't even know.
We do not know anyone who has got Chicken Pox and Shern is usually at home except during weekends. And doc says it should not be the pool as ours is a chlorinated pool.
Sigh...Shern is just 2 months away from his Chicken Pox vaccination. What to do!

Spots on his back - 14 July 2010

Shern was given some meds for itchiness and also a 5-day course of meds which should minimize the outbreak.

And true enough, he does not seem to have a lot of it. Most of them are on his head and face. His body, back and legs have a total of less than 20 spots I think.

14 July 2010

Now is Day 4. And Shern is surprisingly very well behaved. He does not seem to be bothered by it at all. He still laughs. He still plays as usual. He is even learning how to walk. He does not scratch here and there, thank goodness.

14 July 2010

I guess the meds to surpress them works well. Or is it really a blessing that he has it when he is so young...where he is not bothered by it at all?
Anyway, I am not complaining! ;)


Julia said...

kesian shern... so to think positive, you get to save on chicken pox vaccine $$ :)

tanshuyin said...

but then already wasted money to see doc for the chicken pox and for the meds. so same same also ;)

blubbieMs said...

you and peter both have got chicken pox? poor little one but i guess its better to have get it now then when he is older.. =) but best lah if never get at all!!!!!!!!

scarediechickenme said...

Most important they dont get cranky and give you a hard time at night. :)

My bb got red dots all over his body too few weeks ago, but doc said not chicken pox but something like heat rashes. So, no luck :D